Our Lady of Perpetual Help Outreach and Food Pantry, is proud to introduce our youth initiative program “Steppin’Up!”. This powerful program allows high school students and young people the opportunity for hands on experiences that ignite passion, respect, life skills and provides adventure as it identifies several of the specific challenges that our community faces. Steppin'Up! offers valuable learning tools that mold the fabric of young hearts and minds and helps them to embrace certain aspects of life with a much greater understanding! We help them embrace the true need for awareness, compassion, growth and to identify many of the hardships that are somewhat invisible in so many ways. Steppin'Up! let's our youth know that their participation is instrumental in helping to make a change, changes that impact lives in our community!    

We inspire Steppin' Up! members and volunteers to have a greater sense of purpose. We help them to value the great importance of serving their community and making a difference! Steppin’ Up! members know that they are our future leaders and visionaries for a better, brighter, more compassionate and embracing tomorrow! 

We introduce an eye opening reality of how important it is to have greater participation, introduce new technology and bring forth new ideas to help make a change. We teach Steppin' Up members and volunteers that we are facing these challenges together! Here at Steppin' Up! we are working smarter as we build new relationships, friendships and bring fourth community awareness that Steppin' Up is here!  

Our Lady  Of Perpetual Help is a very needed and important Food Pantry and Outreach location that provides food assistance to over 2,800 people and families per month! It takes time and dedication to pull resources and manpower together to provide assistance to the people who depend on us the 3 days a week we provide food service! We also provide opportunities for energy assistance 2 days a week!     

Steppin'Up volunteers and members help by doing exactly that, they STEP UP to the responsibility to help make a difference! They get hands on experiences by helping with the daily operations of a Food Pantry and Outreach location that does so much for so many!   

Listed below are a few primary areas that Steppin'Up volunteers help. A Steppin' Up volunteer knows from the start that their commitment defines hard work and dedication. Caring about others and helping to make a difference is a special gift! 




*     *     *     *     *     *    


* Unloading food products for those who need.  

* Sorting Food products to assure quality.

* Bagging food items in preparation to be shared. 

* Welcoming those in need to the food pantry.

* Assisting in the distribution of food in their assigned area.

* Assisting Seniors that may need help with their Senior Boxes.

* Helping stock and prepare food items for the next food service day.

* Assisting in the clean up of the facility and organization of Pantry items.

* Having input for new and innovative ideas!